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Minimalistic 64 led matrix driver

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I've a spare msp430g2452 and 64led matrix, I was thinking about doing something like this: http://tinkerlog.com/howto/64pixels/ but I want to be sure that led and MSP are not burned by over current.


I need some help to evaluate the possibility of such a project, maybe somebody else has already done something similar?



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Search the Projects forum for "matrix" and you'll see other projects people have done, and how they did it. Some have driven more than one LED matrix with an MSP.


If you're looking at doing it 'stand alone' without the LaunchPad, that makes it a little more difficult, but can be done. Need to keep the voltage to the MSP at 3.3v maximum, and don't forget the decoupling capacitors and pull up the reset pin.

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Thanks, I've searched through the forum and the net, and what I've found more similar to my idea is  http://www.simpleavr.com/msp430-projects/rtc-clock but it uses a 7-seg instead of a matrix.


And yes, the project would be stand alone and what I'm concerned about is the per-pin current I can source and sink if I lit (worst case) 8 leds in a row at a time, that would be 1/8 duty cycle.


Multiplexing with a 1/64 duty cycle would be the simplest solution but I fear that it would be too dim.


Of course using shift registers or AS1100 / MAX7221 would be a lot simpler, but  Iiked the idea of using just the uC and the matrix like in  the first link I posted (which uses an attiny).

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