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[RESOLVED] Using RXD/TXD from breadboard with Launchpad

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They got to share the GND to work correctly...


PART ANSWER : (see original question bellow)

The bread board is powered by batteries. So i think it's maybe a problem between the powering of the launchpad and the breadboard. So i wired the VCC and ground to those of the launchpad and the display is correct on the serial. So it's a problem of voltage references or ground or something (i'm pretty new to electronic) so what can i do to send informations (debug) to energia through launchpad with external kit powered by batteries?



I put a 2553 on a breadboard and I'm trying to use the energia console to display values. When the chip is on the board there no problem.

I connect RXD/TXD from the board with TXD/RXD on the chip. On the jumpers area on the board (J3) if I connect the upper pins RXD and TXD it did not workn if i connect the 1st upper pin RXD with the 1st lower pin TXD it kind of worked but with gibberish :



Send 1 : 24.50
Sensor 3

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