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CC430 Kits Need TLC - Free to Caring Members

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The switch I'm not so worried about. It's function with the demo software is basically 'scroll down'. The 'scroll up' button function wraps around to the bottom so anything I do could use that logic, I suppose. Just have to keep the list short.


The satellite board... I'm not sure I'm able to fix. I don't have anything suitable for soldering 0.05" surface mount, but this might make me so inclined to purchase something.


I do not think it's a huge deal. I should be able to program it with the programmer that shipped with the Chronos watch. But it would be nice if I could use it as intended.


So, I'm willing to entertain offers should someone want to help me out.

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Ok everyone, very big news to all those who registered for giving this kit some TLC. There was some mis-communication about the kits and TI came forward with free "Full Working($149)" kits for everyon

Rats!  So close but yet so far.....  :grin:

Just recogniced I don't qualify because of missing attention points. So Automate was correct.   chibiace---------------------------------------------New Zealand Cubeberg---------------------------

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Hooray, my kit finally arrived yesterday - 19 days for priority post, I'd hate to see what the regular USPS service is like. Unfortunately my down button has come off, but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to solder it back on. If I sit it in just the right spot it works, so I might try a dab of super-glue as well, just to help keep it where it should be.


This afternoon between watching Dr Who (wow, that was good), I was able to get very basic Energia support for the board working. Nothing substantial yet, but I can access the LEDs & buttons on both boards, and upload a sketch to the boards, which is a good start. I have posted a more complete write-up of what I have done over in the Energia forum.


Thanks @@bluehash for organising this deal. 

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this down button thing sounds like a manufacturing defect. still waiting for the postman.

I've had a lot of trouble with some of the newer, white solder-mask TI kits -- in particular the EXP5529 and EXP CC430 kits.  It's difficult to diagnose the glitch, but I'm fairly certain the design used a too-thin internal route on several of the switches.  It tends to fail/break after using the switch for a period of time, thus make the switch unusable thereafter, and, in worst cases, the entire board unusable thereafter.  I came to this conclusion, that it is a broken internal trace, because applying pressure on the PCB (i.e. with your fingers) seems to have the effect of momentarily reconnecting the broken trace.

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needed some tlc after all :)

A little bit of TLC doesn't bother me when I got a $150 board for $25 postage. I've already learnt a lot, and have a few project ideas bouncing around.


My Energia port is coming along - serial, SPI, i2c & LCD are all working fine. Next challenge is the wireless.



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