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Debugger step through code.

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I am using mspgcc to develop code and mspdebug to load to mcu.


Now, I am trying to debug some code, and it seems to me that it is very hard to step through lines of code and set breakpoints on C code with mspdebug and console.


I was wondering if there is a way to debug the mcu with some kind of debugging software with a UI such as the Hi-wave debugger.


I would love to be able to develop my code using gVim and if possible also debug it with gVim.





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Not sure about IDEs but the mspgcc+mspdebug stack includes msp430-gdb; you run a gdbserver from inside mspdebug and start msp430-gdb, have it connect to that gdbserver.  Then it can integrate into IDEs that support GDB.  Might search around to see if anyone's got this working reliably with any IDEs... (I personally use mspdebug and step through code that way, rarely need to though so it's not a huge problem for me.)

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