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[Aug-2013] TIDeals - EK-LM4F232 Development Board $30 Off

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Normally @@Fred is on top of deal week, but tomorrow is Deal Day.

Hi everyone!  Just a note to let you know that we will have another TI Deal starting TOMORROW (August 13) at 7:00am CDT (12:00pm UTC) at tideals.com, so check it out.  As always, the deal is quantity-limited and is good for two weeks or until we sell out, whichever comes first.
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As spirilis just confirmed: they're Stellaris kits first released in September 2011, made cheaper to get rid of them so the rebranding to Tiva parts can be completed.


Code Composer Studio works on Linux; you can also use GNU toolchains with them.  Bluehash sent me one a year or two ago; it's a nice little board, but I'm tired of collecting nice boards to play with.  Ti-Deals seems to now be the way for TI to clear the warehouse of stuff that isn't selling or has better, cheaper newer versions available.

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I think I see where bluehash got Tiva from.  Bouncing off the Tiva site, the "development kit" points you to this, and the page talks all about TM4C chips et al.  I wonder if they just re-did this kit with the TM4C version of the chip, didn't bother changing the part name from "EK-LM4F232" and sell that for $149 while this TIDeals offer is for the old Stellaris LM4F-populated stock.  If so, that's a little annoying, wish they'd change the part#!

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Ok now that estore.ti.com is loading again...


So TI's professional tool for the Tiva is this same board's part#, but populated with the TM4C chip:


Wish they'd change the part# as that's just confusing!


But the TIDeal is clearly for the old LM4F-populated version, since the estore.ti.com links provided on tideals.com say so:

  • Uses Stellaris LM4F232H5QD with 256KB internal Flash and 144-LQFP with excellent prototyping capability
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