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code snippet standard template

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We seemed to have branched away from the topic so I started a new thread here.


The idea is to have a standard template to have every one submit their code in the code snippet to make it easy to form a library kind of like the arduino.

Bluebash even suggested awarding prizes which would make a good incentive.


I think this is a great idea

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Just a thought but we could also build on the arduino IDE and ship it with mspgcc but then you loose allot of features like debugging.


I also think it should support what ever the launch pad supports.


I am suggesting something like this based off the arduino

 libraries                          Hardware
  |--------|--------|            |--------|--------------------------------|
  LCD   Servo    ect            MSP                                       Core  
  |                              |-------------|-----------|                |
LCD.c/h                         Comon          GCC         ccs           Our own wrappers for essetial code... (MSPhere?)      
                                  |            |           |
                     IDE idependant code   GCC MSP STD    CSS MSP STD


just to give a general Idea. we could have empty project configured for all the ide including the right paths and files ect

I think some thing like that would make a nice little SDK and every one can contribute

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