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Desperate newbie question

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 Hi all,


After owning a Launchpad for a while now I am only really getting started properly. So far things have gone well working through the examples. I have however got a bit stuck and don't really know how to tackle the problem. I tried to load up the code for this project...




The LP that I have came with a 2231 but I bought a few 2553's and dropped one into the Launchpad for this project. I copied the setup on the webpage above and tried too load the code via Energia. I have tried quite a few times now but without any luck. I have selected the 2553 via the "Tools" menu in Energia. My hardware set-up is identical to that on the above page.


I thought that I had accidentally killed my Launchpad but I refitted the 2231 and loaded "Blink" and "Fade" and all was well. I cannot load either of these two simple programs onto the 2553. I really am running low on enthusiasm right now and would be grateful for any help or advice with this.


If there is a plainly obvious error I am making please excuse my ineptitude but I cannot see it.

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Hi all, FIRST, thanks for all of the useful help that I received from those that responded. I tried several times a few weeks back to log in but was having trouble - even via Google log-in. This morning I emailed via the "Contact Us" form and explained. THEN I tried again via the Google log-in and it worked. So, here I am saying thanks. I upgraded the firmware and all is well. I got my project to work - at least on my prototyping board so now I am going to try and see if I can mod it to work slightly differently. I have a pair of the Anaren Air Module Booster Packs and aim to try to control the stepper wirelessly. THAT is for the future. Thanks again to all that responded. I made a short video...


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