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The Cramp! 430 powered desktop crane lamp

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Hey guys, so I`ve been working on this project for a while now, and wanted to show it here because you are a cool bunch.

if i mess up, the pics are too big, or  whatever, im sorry. let me know and ill fix it asap.

the title is pretty explanatory so here are some pics of the thing, and the associated mess (if i actually manage to attach pictures correctly)




i know there is nothing particularly interesting in this from the microcontroller point of view, but maybe someone will like it.

its sort of based on a liebherr lr1750 crawler crane in case anyone is interested. it is controlled with an ir remote kindly donated to the project, mostly made from scrap from my junk bin and some chips i got from the VERY generous TI`s sample program. The base, for example, is made from an old hdd, and the hole thing is screwed to, and pivots around, the main bearing.






Some stuff i had to buy though, like the leds.

I was thinking what could I do with a lot of solid conductor wire i pulled from the walls in my house when i changed the [way too old] electrical installation. i thought a lattice structure would be fun, and i have to say, its amazing how rigid the thing got. i also wanted to do some switching led driver experimenting. I used a TI TPS61199 led driver with 32 "5050" leds, that have 3 chips per package, so its 96 leds in all, at 17 mA each. the leds are mounted on a structure that is supposed to resemble a section of Eero Saarinen`s twa flight center. a sort of rebar core type thingy for the roof.




i wanted to do a solid thing for the lamp, but it proved somewhat hard, i still might though. I






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WOW! lots of soldering.

good work

lol yeah it was, that's part of the reason for the name. it was a pain to make.

though the soldering went pretty fast, getting the rest of the stuff to work required some tweaking. also getting electronic components where i live is an odyssey,  wich is why i love ti sample program so much. its not that i dont want to buy chips, but the fact that i just plain cant. as a matter of fact i took my BOM (mostly passives and some tools) to the only place that sells SMD components in resonable quantities here and they sent me away because, and i quote " i wanted too many items and there was too many people waiting to buy suff".

enough rant though, glad you guys liked it!

here is a little video of the thing moving around.

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Thanks for sharing.  The video was great.

no problem! there is one more pulley motion that you cant see in the vid, because i had to do some pwm settings and reflash the firmware, and moving the whole thing is not fun. but it will get done, along with some minor touches here and there.


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