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PCBA at Seeed with MSP430?

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Hi. This might be the wrong place in the forum to put this question, but since many of us are using Seeed to make PCBs, I wonder if any of you have tried their new PCBA service, where they populate the prototype boards with common components. It unfortunately doesn't include MSP430 devices, Maybe if there was sufficient interest from the community, they would add some of the msp430 devices? I would suggest MSP430G2553 20 and 28 pin... 


This is the link to the service: http://www.seeedstudio.com/service/


I just spent 3 hours soldering on small components last night, so I think I'll try this next time. 


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They calculate an assembly price per pin, not per component (they do calculate component cost though). This insinuates that they solder the components by hand, since reflow soldering should be a fixed price, no matter the number of pins.

Since they do hand soldering, I might prefer using a third party assembler or do reflow soldering by hand over their assembly service.

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Thanks Rob. I tried Elecrow as you suggested. Really nice results. Boards came to about 10 USD per board, with components, dhl shipping etc, when making 10 boards. Quite a lot of small components, connectors etc, so I think it's a good price. They also soldered 0402 components very nicely.


Wouldnt happen to have a photo of thier work would u?

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Here's a picture of part of the board. Hope the resolution is good enough. It has been hand-soldered. They say they handsolder up to a certain amount and then use pickn-place above that (can't remember how many). Some of the components on the board are slightly off (r_b2 for example in the picture), but when looking over the other boards after taking this picture, it doesn't seem that's a general problem. Most components look like C10. 



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