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Nokia 1202 Booster Pack (RobG)

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Rob IIRC you used some kind of RC network for the LCD_RESET right?  What values did you use?

Having issues with my BPak on the Tiva-C, and it looks like it's all about the reset... tieing it to the launchpad's RESET works great on the MSP430 LP's but not so much on the Tiva, kinda flaky, but tieing it to a GPIO and using 250ms low followed by 250ms delay in high works reliably.  Was thinking 51K+4.7uF (calculator shows that reaches ~2.2V after 263ms) would work for a gpio-less solution.

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Hey Rob.  I put myself on the waitlist for 60 of these.  We would use these in a microcontroller course.  If it would help, I could do all the assembly, including the LCD - perhaps that could speed up things?  One clincher is that I would have to use a credit card as I cannot make government purchases with paypal or another third party and I do not have the option of writing checks either.  I might be able to get another organization/department to do a check but that takes some legwork.  Feel free to respond to my waitlist email if you want to discuss this offline.


John Evans

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