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2.2" 320x240 Color LCD Booster Pack

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Out of stock (the shock is overweliming) heh. I waited 2 days too long darn it.


Anyhow this I can see as a popular item because DIY with the flexible interconnect is a real pain (hehehe). putting the smt flex interfaces on can be harrowing (even if you done it a few times) also the SD card socket is a definate bonus.


That's just me saying "cool but I missed out the last batch".



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Say hello to the new member of my Color LCD Booster Pack family, 2.2" LCD with 320x240 pixel resolution. Current version is v3. Board options include backlight transistor and microSD (TransFlash) so

Back in stock (revision 2.)      

Those pins are used by default: P1.0, P1.4, P1.5, P1.6, P1.7

Posted Images

And now for something completely different suggestions

1: PDF of the schematic if it behoves the author to do so? I just hate trying to print PNGs and color (IE I want BW and fine pixel resolution).

2: A big white patch or something to indicate which side of the board toward what pins, or marking the 3.3V pin and ground pin on the side that mates to the lunchpad (or launchpad :) )

3: otherwise pretty cool

Did you use KiCAD to do the schematic?



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Well at this point I feel stoopid :) as I am trying to get the display up-and-running on a Tiva C TM4C123G eval board and am having 0% luck.  After struggling to get the code to compile (using ccs6 and building the Tiva version of ugl16tiva.zip) I was able to flash the board; however, the problem is that I am still only receiving a white screen (the lights are on but no-one is home).


While trying to resolve this issue I have been digging through the schematic along with the new layout mentioned for the v3 board (which looks like the mapping for the pins is now: P2.5 maps to PA4, P2.4 maps to PA3, P1.3 maps to PE4 and P2.0 maps to PA5) but all my attempts have failed.


I am going to keep plugging away but if anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate them!




-- Michael Messuri --


Never mind.  I disconnected everything then reconnected everything and now all is well.  Go Figure.

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A few months ago I purchased a handful of these from you:




Development has progressed nicely, but I think we are ready for the next step.  We really need a touch screen.  I can see that you built some booster packs (albeit a bit smaller than these) with touch screens.  However, they also appear to be sold out everywhere I look.


Can you give me a quick update on this product, (or anything similar for that matter).  Are you planning to build more?  What is the timeline for availability?  If you are not planning on building any in the near future, do you know of any that are currently available that you would recommend?


Thanks for your help...  It sure is nice having these devices as available on a boosterpack




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