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2.2" 320x240 Color LCD Booster Pack

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Say hello to the new member of my Color LCD Booster Pack family, 2.2" LCD with 320x240 pixel resolution. Current version is v3. Board options include backlight transistor and microSD (TransFlash) so

Back in stock (revision 2.)      

Those pins are used by default: P1.0, P1.4, P1.5, P1.6, P1.7

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Hey RobG ... Nice job.  Got one of these for my embedded application prototype ... too right.  Need a little help however.  Would you post direct or by reference a data sheet that will allow me to program the LCD unit.  Likewise some info on how to get to the microSD if I need to have some extra space, and perhaps any other memory spaces.


Thanks man, keep up the creative effort, really glad your out here.



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Here's the latest driver you can use (supports G and F series.)

I don't have any SD card examples yet, but I do have some examples for the optional on board memory (23Kxxx or 25AAxxx.)

Schematic is attached. Datasheet is too big to attach, so just search for ILI9340 or ILI9342.




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