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Hi all, I promised this ebay seller (e_goto) that I'd speak of them for adding the MSP430G2553 and MSP430G2452 to their store.

In fact I don't think this was a good idea anymore since I've seen their price of the parts, it's probably cheaper to buy a launchpad even with their free slow shipping.


They had really good communication and I bought some nice stuff from them for a good price and I thought it'd be nice if someone would offer these parts without having to pay for the usually high shipping fees if you're not in a hurry.


Oh well, the road to hell is paved with my intentions.

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Nice find, for dip packaged msp430s offers on ebay, usually it's just old stock F2001, F2011 and overpriced. It's way overpriced though. If the seller offers 5 pcs at about $15, that would be more reasonable.


I am as well in Canada and would usually get them from newark, the ups / fedex (forgot which one) is flat rate at $12.00, and a G2553 is like $2-3 (just check right now, $2.25/unit, $2.03 when buy 10+ units ). The best part is I get them within 2 days.

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