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Nokia 5110 (Bit Bang) LCD Driver

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For my next project I have to use a Nokia 5110 LCD with a MSP430G2553. After searching for a while on the internet I came across RobG's SPI-based driver. It's a great driver, but the problem is that I'll be using a I2C chip in this project too, so I decided to create a bit-bang driver.


The code is extremely well documented and you should easily be able to use it for anything you want. Here's the GitHub repo: msp430-nokia-5110.

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You could also use USCIA for SPI (LCD) and USCIB for I2C.


hi RobG,


I have been trying to do that with Energia and a 2553. I could not find the way to make Energia use USCI A instead of B.

I found many hardcoded files :(


Best regards,



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