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Tower Pro Mg995 only turns 120 deg

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I ordered a few tower pro mg995 servos and was only able to control them through 120 deg. But when its powered off, I can manually turn the servo horn through 180. Has anyone figured out how to control through the 180, or is it just not possible? Thanks




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Their onboard circuits are built for +- 60 degrees from center on a 1ms - 2ms pulse scale. You can drive them further than that with a slightly wider pulse band (0.7 - 2.3) but you are still limited in rotation, to get "full" control ypull have to gut the electronics package in the servo and drive the motor drivers yourself with the msp430, as well as reading the potentiometer for feedback. You may have to cut out a mechanical stop lug on the output gear but its easy to do

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