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Please do not steal articles messages

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Just started seeing messages saying


"Please do not steal articles from 430oh.com

If you are seeing this message, articles and images are being copied without permission"


This is on the 43oh home page, and on the forums home.





[Edit: On the forums page the message appears in a black box, on the right side under please support our sponsors. ]


Web browser is chromium 19.0.1058.0

Only extension running is scriptsafe, but I have allowed forum.43oh.com to run scripts.


Running on windows xp


I have used this web browser and computer to access 43oh before, never had any problem.

I have never encountered these messages before.



No idea where any stealing/copying may be going on.  (I am just loading the web page from the usual URL, not trying to save it or anything.)


Did 43oh move?  Is there some incompatibility with chromium? ?




[Edit: Additional - does not happen using same URLs on same computer in Firefox 3.6.25 ]

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Try changing your browser user agent to something like firefox or safari, see if you get the same message. If a script thinks your useragent is a bot that copies pages, that would explain it.

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Tried changing user agent (to Firefox/3.5.5) no effect, messages are still there.  (Well, it did make it so post button wouldn't work).


No proxy that I know of (machine dials in to modem at the ISP).  No proxy settings on my end.  

Would have thought a proxy would affect all browsers (rather than just Chromium).

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