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cool board organizer

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Saw this on Digikey's twitter feed the other day - it's called the "Board-Ganizer" - simple way to pack up your dev boards when you need space.  I'll probably pick one up myself since I'm usually space constrained - $16.40 is pretty cheap.  There's a video on the product page, but I can't embed it in this post - it's just a flash video.

Figured I'd share!

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I think the best part is when the guy just about drops all of the boards trying to get it set up :)  It is definitely a low-quality video - but then "Bud Industries" does sound low-budget - although they sell tons of stuff on digikey/mouser.  

I'll have to just buy one for now - I'm hoping to talk the wife into a Printrbot for Christmas.  At $16 - I couldn't even design my own and have it shipped from ponoko.

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hmmm... i'll have to get a few of these to help organize my messy boards. they look stackable too (for large messes), definitely a plus.

Brings to mind the idea of contacts passing through the section where the breadboard mounts, allowing it to pass signals to another breadboard for expansion....


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