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Veroboard for msp430 in my club

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First i would like to clarify why i'm making this board


I'm in a robotics club. It only uses microcontrolers modules designed for basic. I wanted to change that.

I realy like Texas microcontrolers for the price and it was more easy for me to use the hardware than with arduino.

With Energia it is easy to program the basics and still learn C++ wich is a better preparation for future of the students involved.


First of all thanks for making Energia. It let me create alot of small projects wich i couldn't with arduino (problems with programing external chips). It also lets me learn C assembly little by little since MSP430 is originaly programed in that but still use C++ when i just don't know.


I'm creating like a manual for the new ones that join know how to work with C++ in Energia and basics for electronics, all in my native language. Also translating all examples to portuguese

In all that i'm also designing a Veroboard for msp430 because the launchpad is a little limited for some robots. The board includes I2C converter with mosfets, a led RGB and 1 push button. It has also lots of pins to supply current to sensors and motors with 5V, 3.3V or direct from 2 diferent power supplies.

It's in veroboard because it's the only ones it can made in the club.

I wanted to share to anyone who wants it since it doesn't need any PCB. Any sugestions are welcome


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where to cut traces?


edit: ah i think its the big white dots.

 yea this program misses a bit of features

Got to change to another one later and also make a schematic


big white dots are cuts. Some components are transparent so you see cuts behind them. Of course there's cuts behind the microcontroler.

There might be some missing that i didn't see but i think it's all there.

The 3x3 circles are holes for 3mm screws

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