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Launchpad to SparkFun Serial LCD

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I trying to use the button count code with a Sparkfun backpack and 4x20 lcd. I use the gcc compiler and got a good compile (changed out the __delay_cycles() ) except for an "invalid use of void" ;)

Here is the code snip

// Update the button press count, and toggle LEDs, when the button is pressed

#ifdef __MSP430__

interrupt (PORT1_VECTOR) PORT_1 (void) {


#pragma vector=PORT1_VECTOR

__interrupt void PORT1_ISR(void) {



P1OUT ^= BIT0;

P1OUT ^= BIT6;

P1IFG = 0; // clear interrupt




I don't see the problem?

BTW, using the #ifdef in the code is really nice for portability.


SOLVED - It seems msp430gcc doesn't like LPM4_EXIT some googling showed it should be LPM4_bits - interesting.

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