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? Launchpad V1.1 prototype build

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hey guys, the boards and components came in for my ?-Launchpad.  I have the backside of the board populated so far, going to finish the front side tonight.




I have the LED ?-booster built up, it was simple 2 chips and SMD female headers,  the LED matrix isn't soldered in fully yet cause pin1 isn't marked on these so I'm not sure which way around it goes yet...  stupid cheap Chinese matrix.  interestingly I will have to make a few different versions of the LED board probably because there are at least 2 different pinouts for this size matrix, and I don't know which will be more common and obtainable.  the ones on adafruit are completely different than the ones I have now.  you would think these things would have a standard pinout.





I am happy with it so far, we'll see how everything works once i check for magic smoke leaks.   I'll post again once i get something to light up (or burn out ;P )

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