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MSP430g2553 1mhz or 16mhz? how to set it?

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Can you elaborate a bit on your experiences with LPM3 in Energia? I am mulling over some ideas to contribute to the Energia core to properly support LPM3 but I'm curious what kind of things already work.


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I'm away from my dev machine for a while so don't have access to the code, but from memory the mods were:

In the interrupt dispatcher I put a call to clear the LPM4 flags of the SR register, this means the processor always returns from interrupts at full power, so that in your loop() you can do a bit of processing before going back to LPM.


I also made mods to the WDT timer to run it from the crystal, since it runs in LPM3. This means it wakes 512 times per second, so not as low powered as I would like, but it means millis() is still reasonably accurate.


At the moment I copy different versions of the core files depending on what I want - one of these days I'll tinker with setting up different profiles, but its low on my agenda.



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