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Microcontroller giveaways - free to a good home in USA

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Cleaning out my parts bin I have some microcontrollers (mostly Atmel, some MSP430 and Renesas) I'd like to give away (USA only due to shipping)... let me know if you're interested:



- Atmel ATmega328 (non-picopower) in PDIP-28, qty 7

- Atmel ATmega328P in TQFP-32, qty 4

- Atmel ATmega1284P in PDIP-40, qty 3 - GeekDoc

- Atmel ATmega1284P in TQFP-44, qty 1

- Atmel ATmega32U4 in TQFP-44 (USB device capable), qty 2

- Renesas RL78/G13 promo board, qty 1 - Druzyek

- Renesas RX62N demo kit (YRDKRX62N), qty 1 - dubnet

- Renesas RL78/G14 samples in SSOP-30, qty 3 - Druzyek

- TI MSP430F5437A samples in PN (80-pin LQFP 0.5mm pitch), qty 2 - RobG

- TI MSP430F6736 samples in PN (80-pin LQFP 0.5mm pitch), qty 2 - RobG



** For the Atmel chips in PDIP, if you need an Arduino bootloader burned on let me know since I should have the capability to do so.  I can also supply some pth XTALs and 22pF pth capacitors with these PDIP chips for breadboard full-speed use.

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I'd like to try some Arduino projects.  I could use the ATmega1284Ps in PDIP if you still have them. 


If you can load the Arduino bootloader and spare the extra xtals/caps, that would be even better!


I'll PM my address.  I'd be happy to pay for these, and for the shipping.  LMK in PM.

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