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New to forum, but not new to controllers and computing and doing things the hard way because I can.


Started with 8080, Z80, 6502, 8031, and IBM system 360 mainframes, doing software, then hardware and have only recently let myself drift to out-of-date. Wrote an IEEE floating point library for CPM on the 8080 (mumble mumble) years ago, did 44.1KHz ADC for Z80 systems (I stil have fond memories of the alternate register bank and non-memory I/O space), and have been teaching both hardware design and software for (mumble) decades. Used an original Basic Stamp as an ignition control for a bike back in the early 90's to replace the mechanical points. Still have one of the wire wrapped Z80 control boards I did for a job back in the 80's.


Picked up a handful of launchpads around newyears to play with. Done a few projects (8 channel temp monitoring/logger for the house to replace the industrial thermcouple sets I used to plan heating and AC -- attick, up, down, and basement, outside three sides, bathroom using DS18B20's; some clock projects; a few others), and have more on the table. I also spend time trying to convince my students that these are real computers, and are more powerful than what I used back in the day for word processing and computational work in engineering.  I sideline as a welder/machinist and mechanic for an NBIC boiler shop. (not much of a machinist, but the job gets done)... ahhh. The joys of an undirected life and mis-spent youth.....


Project posting or two to come soon.

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