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Testing ADC linearity with MAX5214

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So I have this MAX5214Lite evaluation board I got for free from Maxim (love free stuff).

It's got a MAX5124 high precision 14bits DAC and was wondering what I could do with it.


I figured it may be the best precision voltage source I have on hand so I hooked it to a launchpad, ran the energia AnalogInOutSerial sample, took some measures and drew a curve of the values returned by the ADC.




This looks rather linear to me, there was some +-2LSB noise, I have no way to check if it comes from the USB line, MAX5214 output or the launchpad itself, probably a mix of all these factors.


I may try again in CCS putting the MCU to LPM to try removing the internal noise to see if it's more stable. Do you guys know if that'd make a big difference?

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