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Thanks for doing this, it is a great resource for a noob such as myself.  Think making separate msp430 and Stellarium versions is a great idea, the board diagrams can be larger.


One small suggestion is to make the background white (or lighter anyway) rather than the dark red.  Uses a lot of ink/toner and is harder to read when printed B&W.  Also not sure how you are outputting this but it works well printed duplex on letter size paper (A4?) with the code reference on one side and the hardware on the other.  It would be much easier to print if the two sides were separate pages in the PDF.



for responses :


Color :


B/W version (with lighter background) is pertinent request.

it's ok, but for the next release (september).


Paper Format :


the format of this sheet is A3, A3 = 2 x A4. it's same think to US letter/Tabloid format.

I used this format to keep all informations at hand. I glue this page on a carton, my students use it to protect the table during the workshops.

For the next release, I will pay attention to be able to bend 2, i will insert a marker for more facility.


i think to scale this sheet on Ledger/Tabloid format it's possible. no ? (297 x 420 mm to 279 x 432mm). what do you think ?

i don't like create too many versions, because it's complicate for upgrade...


thanks for your comment.



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Hello Jean-Yves,


Sorry for going off-topic here, but I have been trying to build a simple Energia library for the si570 (on this board)...When I power it on, I have an initial frequency of ~10MHz...trying to force it to different frequency (both the small offset and large offset) resulted in no change at all. I have pull-up resistors on SDA and SCL. Unfortunately my harddrive crashed and I lost my code (it was based primarily off of an mbed library I found here). Would you be willing to share your si570 code?



Keith (KI4SAI)


Hello Steve,

sorry for delay, but I was on vacation,  Children, Canoes and sun ;-)

but (little) radio too : i connected my launchpad to sis570 of SDR Ensemble by i2c wire..

it's a quick and cheap hack that helped me for test a filter.


Thank you for your share proposition, i'm honored, your cursus program is very very interesting.

If you need help, my (modest) mind is your. ;-)


For next update, i will insert temperature library on my chart.





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Hello All !


for program to SI570, my code is "simple, fast and ugly" ! but the code is ok for initialisation and slow loop between 2 frequency.

I don't have my program's pc this week, but, i share my code this weekend (after clean :shh: ;-) , add comments and translate variable name).



When I power it on, I have an initial frequency of ~10MHz...trying to force it to different frequency (both the small offset and large offset) resulted in no change at all



@Keith : I already had the similar problem with my Softrock on oscillator building step.
The startup or powerup frequency are programmed in to the NVM at the factory, obtain an oscillation to is normal if power is ok.
But, if (like me) your SI570 have bad solder on SDA or SCL pin, you can not change frequency ! and solder this pin is complicated because is small and difficult to acces. i resoldering, and it's ok. good luck !


bye, 73,




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