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programming a msp430g2955 through BSL

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hey people, i am new to the msp430 family and, as the title reads, i am trying to program a simple blinky bin(txt) created with ccs on a g2955.

here is the catch, i dont have access to any of the regular tools you guys use(fets and stuff), because of where i live. in fact im using the 430 because of TI`s very generous sample program. 

i am using a com to 3v3 adapter similar to this one but im having a hard time finding software to do the upload. i read this post where it says that its possible to do with mspdebug. thing is i could not compile it on ubuntu (i get a 404 when trying to install libusb-dev dont know why) and even compiled it under win7 but i dont know how to specify a device when unsing the -d option to use BSL.

if anyone can shed any light on this, or point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.


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hey thanks for the answer!

i did find slau319, and the adapter i have performs the same basic function as the one described there. im not sure it works though. i did measure everything and doble checked conections, but i dont own a scope, so i cant sniff the transfers.
i just tried the bsl scripter in the TI zip, to no avail. grr
i cant find which type of BSL this chip has, but im guessing flash though its tecnically a 2xx family chip?.
you did write your own app? can it be downloaded?

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MSP430G2955 must behave on the same way (BSL related) as MSP430G2553 so you can try slaa535 example from dir LPAD_BSL_INTERFACE\TestScripts\MSP430G2553





BSL UART comunication on MSP430G2955 is going over P1.1 (transmit) and P2.2 (receive).


I made my own (software/hardware) BSL, but later gave up because MSP430F5xx have BSL entry sequence for witch USB-UART bridge is not fast enough.



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so i was able to program the micro with my makeshift tools. ill post the info here in case it`s useful to anyone.

first though, thanks jazz for the support!!

apparently the g 2955 uses the old "ROM" style BSL described in salu319e as 1xx,2xx,4xx family bootloader. the specific version reported for mine by TI

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