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Hello, i bought my msp430 about 6~ months ago, i bought it because i liked the price 4.30$ is really good for a dev board, and now im looking at arduinos, of course i dont want to spent 25-30$ on a board and have been reading about buying just the chip and some other components , slap it on a breadboard and using it that way but the problem is that the atmega328 and pretty much any chip needs to be burned with a bootloader, i read that it could be done from another arduino, but can i do it from an msp430?

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Probably.  You'd have to look at the "Arduino as ISP" arduino sketch and see if it can be adapted for Energia.  It would only work with an atmega328 running at 3.3V level of course.

The problem is where do i get the bootloader and how do i burn it, there is no "Tools > board" menu in energia to flash

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Nah, without modification Energia can not burn an Arduino Bootloader on an Atmega328.
However, you can try to adapt the ArduinoISP sketch to Energia.


Burning the Arduino Bootloader on a bare chip utilizing another Arduino works by loading the ArduinoISP sketch on the working Arduino, and connecting the bare chip to this Arduino. This way, the Arduino acts as a programmer to burn all the necessary bits and bytes on the bare chip to make it an Arduino, too.

What you want to do can be described as following:
You want to make the ArduinoISP sketch work in Energia, so you can program the MSP430 on your Launchpad with it.
Your Launchpad now acts as an Arduino with the ArduinoISP sketch loaded on it. It is an AVR ISP programmer now. Therefore you should be able to burn the Arduino bootloader on an blank Atmega328 with the stock Arduino IDE (pc software). 

The question is if the ArduinoISP sketch can be adapted to Energia.

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