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Looking for help designing an MSP powered LED fixture.

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Hey guys,


I'm pretty new to this whole thing and I'm trying to complete a project.  Like the title says, I want to create an MSP430 controlled LED fixture.


I'm looking online at different LED's in bulk, bare PCB's and sets of resistors and I'm kind of overwhelmed with the different options.


I was hoping someone here would be able to walk me through the process of selecting the components for this project.



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I highly recommend looking into WS2811 LED strips or I think there's a new generation of them (search around for info, I think RobG mentioned them).


There is code for the MSP430 to drive them and they can get very bright, in addition to being RGB LEDs so you can make any kind of mood lighting you like.


I have a "water jug lamp" project currently on my desk at work and the materials to make a high-power ~50W version. These projects of mine include a low cost 2.4GHz Radio transceiver (Nordic nRF24L01+) so you can configure the lamp wirelessly and I have a design (waiting for boards to arrive from the PCB fabricator) for an RF "remote" control to allow you to adjust its color and brightness. All based around the MSP430.


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Thanks for the response! I just did a quick google search of that product and it's definitely something I'll look more into.


For the time being though, considering how simple the circuit and concept is,  I really should know how to design a simple LED light system.  


I found a supplier on ebay that will include a 470 ohm resistor with each LED.


I also found bare LED pcb's on alibaba for a pretty good price.  


The problem is I'm not really sure what I need to know in order to create we sturdy and safe fixture or what type of ballast I should use given the number of LEDs and their arrangement. 

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Yeah the fixture aspect is interesting. LEDs are points of light by their nature so you need a design that diffuses/disperses the light.


FYI those WS2811 strips are basically flexible PCBs with everything pre-soldered, the only thing you must solve is how to attach them to their 5V power source and the data line to MSP430.


Also the new version is called WS2812B, just looked it up.


Alas plain white LED strips also exist for cheaper, and many require some type of power drive to make them go so that's some electrical engineering effort to consider. The WS28xx series LEDs actually have the dimming/color production handled on-die by a tiny silicon logic circuit integrated inside the LED when it is manufactured.


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Can you be more specific? Size, shape, wattage, purpose?


If it's a simple lamp you are thinking about, I would suggest using Pirhana Super Flux or some other high powered LEDs.

Then you will need to pick a driver for the LEDs, dedicated IC or MOSFETs.

Here are some example LEDs: Pirhana1W3W, 10W

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So I'm not married to this exact product but I think its a good place to start.


I want to buy something like this from ebay/alibab/mouser:





To eventually make something like this:





Once I have the fixture set up,  I want to use the msp430 to create a timer to turn the lights on and off.  Also eventually I'd like to be able to measure things like humidity and temp so that those can also be controlled but that will obviously come later.

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hey i just wanted to chime in because im working on a similar project (which i might post here once done) and in the end i went for a led driver from TI because i get much higher efficiency, and (where i live) lower cost.

im using the  tps6199 chip. its only good for one color but its pwm- dimmable, and there are no losses in resistors. it requires some design though.
just an option to consider!

btw, hope you appreciate my username!

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