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? Launchpad V1.0

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OK, got the base ?-LP redesigned for battery duty.  Coin cell i don't think will provide enough current for the LED nametags I want to make, so I added in the monitoring and charging circuitry for a LiPo battery,.  this 40mAh LiPo would be about the same size, and has equivalent power of a coin cell, but much higher current capacity.  20C discharge allows up to 800 ma current draw, although it would drain the battery in 3 minutes.  these guys have even smaller cells, but come on 8mAh...  wow


anyway, here is how it looks now, pretty much out of room (how does it usually happen like that :smile:


here is how the battery circuit is built if anyone can look it over and see if I missed something silly




the 1202 LCD is HUGE over the ?-LP...   :smile:  could work though if you mounted the ?-LP to the back or the screen with double sticky tape or something. then had 


this is the part from the 1202 LCD booster that Bluehash made here


the ?-LP is easily a quarter of that screen size.



  but here is what I think would work for that idea.



might work :smile:

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That flex cable is awfully short though, which is why I think it needs its own (THIN, like 0.6mm or 0.8mm) PCB with SMD headers for the uLP in the middle... was playing with one last night (got 19 of them in the pkg in my bin)


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ok changed the battery style to support LiPo batteries, and with that there has to be a mechanism to recharge them so I added back in the USB socket (micro B this time) and the extra board space let me put the charge indicator LEDs on it (amber is lit when charging, green is lit when fully charged) so USB data is back in with this version as well.


gonna use this battery 100mah, 20c discharge rate capable, and only $1.00  sounds good to me. and just about the size of the board (14 x 19mm  PCB, 13.5 x 20mm battery)


looking for stackable headers in .050 size like these, but .050, put in an email to SULLINS asking about it.


board is slightly longer now to have space for the USB plug. 14mm x 19mm



I'm gonna have a set of these made up but I'm moving house soon so I won't be able to order anything starting here soon for about a month or so.



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