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Build thread - 3 Axis pen plotter

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I ran across this Instructable the other day on how to make a tiny laser engraver from a couple of CD-Roms.  I figured my wife wouldn't be too keen on lasers, and the glasses I would need are expensiv

Sorry for the length on this one (~3min) - but here's a youtube video of the plotter drawing the 43oh logo.  

Ok - got the Z-axis working  I'll try to take a video if it working tonight.  Here are some test prints:   Right now, I've got a G-code interpreter capable of reading X,Y and Z coordinates for li

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Thanks, to go on with off topic posts, I just did my first print... and wasted some plastic. I need to level the bed a bit better but it's looking good. I also need to build something to hold the spool above the printer.

Yeah - I wasted a decent amount of plastic troubleshooting.  For a spool holder - I'd try out PVC (http://www.instructables.com/id/Low-Cost-3D-Printer-Filament-Spool-Stand/).  Works great - cost about $5.

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@cubeberg Hey. Sorry to revive such an ancient thread. I am doing a very similar project to yours using an msp430g2 and was hoping you could answer some questions/ give some updates on progress. I am fiddling with your software, but am unable to get it to do anything on my MSP430g2553. It starts up, then immediately goes to exit.c without doing anything. Any help would be so so appreciated. 


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