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Hi, I'm new here but just looking for feedback, Gerard suggested I start a new thread and ask my question to the group. 


The tl;dr version of the question: Do you borrow or share tools? Would you like to borrow or share more tools?


We're testing the waters in developing a more structured Craigslist alternative for tool sharing. But I don't know enough about the tools involved in electronics and embedded software or the projects you are typically involved in so I don't know if tools other than a soldering iron are needed. 


What kind of tools do you typically want but cannot justify buying (or afford to buy). Or what type of tools do you own that people often want to own or borrow. The tools this makes the most sense for are either rare or expensive tools that you don't use everyday or for every project. In short, tools with high idle time.


Also, is there a better forum that I should post this question in?


Thanks for your feedback!

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To be honest, as a beginning hobbyist, I want the tool there when I need it.  I don't plan ahead much; if I don't have a tool at hand, I'll work around it, or find something else to work on.  Borrowing/renting a tool wouldn't work for me the vast majority of the time.

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