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Hello RobG!! You have done what I was planning to do for this Christmas with WS2812!!

I have a little experience with Pics using CCS compiler but never put my hands on Texas microcontrolers.

I think that now is the time, because what you have done, will help me with the idea.


So, I think that what I need is control the lights with a computer conected to your Ethernet (e1.31) 4 universes DMX board. And then, four RS485/WS2812B boards (one on each port).


How many pixels do you think that this will be capable to move? (512*4)/3 = 682 pixels?

How many frames/second with max load?

What free program do you recomend to control lights from PC?


Thank you!!

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Just found this and it's awesome. I want to make a ws2812 controler for small projects and it need to be the smallest possible so i wanted to use the MSP430.

But using DIP with veroboards is just to big, this is just tiny!


What program did you use to make these. Are there any for sale alredy soldered? i'm a bit afraid to solder tssop. If you could answer i would apreciate it @@RobG

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I need 2. A friend is in fashion school. He wants to make either boots with that or other piece of clothing.


I want to use MSP430 since it's so low power. I really would like to make myself the board but you must understand how Eagle can be in the beginning.

I'm going to try first to make it by myself and maybe anoy some lab in my department to help me solder the stuff :P


In case i fail miserably, how much would it be the PCBs? and soldered (if it wasn't too much of a bother)?

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