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C/C++ Formatter

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After spending more and more time with my LaunchPad and CCS, I started to miss one of the features I use daily in my Eclipse, code formatter. CCS does not come with a built-in one, but there are plug-ins available. The one I found is called Astyleand it works pretty well.


To install it:

Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install... -> Search for new features... -> New Remote Site

Name can be Astyle, URL: http://astyleclipse.sourceforge.net/update

Finish, agree, install, restart, etc.

After restart:

Window -> Preferences... -> C/C++ -> Code Formatter -> Formatters -> Astyle Plugin, Apply and OK.

In Preferences -> Astyle, you can choose the actual style, kr in my opinion is the best.

To format, Ctrl-Shift-F


Enjoy nice code! ( doesn't mean bug free :) )

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