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I sampled some of these after @@oPossum did a project with them. Do you know if these accurately measure uA range or are they not well suited for it?

Could be the basis of another PowerScope...



edit: Nevermind, it depends on the current shunt resistor you use, forgot that you had to supply that :D

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That's an interesting project!
According to the specification sheet, ADC Basic Resolution is 1 LSB Step Size = 10 ?V for the Shunt Voltage, obviously to be combined with the shunt resistor for the ?A accuracy.


The INA219 supports the transmission protocol for fast (1kHz to 400kHz) and high-speed (1kHz to 3.4MHz) modes.
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The pitch is 0.050" or 1.27mm so it's doable.


There are many tutorials about how to solder SMD, but it appears each one has his/hers own way of proceeding.


To practice, you can buy a cheap kit with SMD like this one to learn.




This is how I learnt soldering SMD, actually discovering it was easier than expected.


Don't be afraid to use binoculars :)

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