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[Energia Library] LCD_screen Library Suite

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Hi!   I've decided to consolidate the libraries I've developed for different screens into a single one, the LCD_screen Library Suite. Download with examples and documentation is available here. T

Please find a special release of the LCD_screen library for Rob's Color LCD Booster Pack (320x240 with microSD card socket) on Energia.   The LCD_screen Library Suite has evolved with a more mature

Thanks for taking the initiative.

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There are some issues with the MSP432 I'm working on right now. Stay tuned!


Unfortunately, I don't have the latest RobG LCD display so I cant' proceed with the required tests.


Do you have my 2.2" 320x240 LCD BP? All LCD BPs that I made since that one share the pinout and the driver.


Here's CCS library for MSP432

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Why? I could really use this right now. :/


You could still have the download available but not support it anymore if that's the reason why you took it down.


Is there an answer to this? I also really could use this at the moment.

As Stunts1337 said, could there not be downloadlinks to the old versions, despite that the support has been cancled?

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Main reasons for pulling the library out are due to intellectual property issues and licence infringements with users. 
Part of the library is still available at EduBPMKII_Screen for the Educational BoosterPack.


[EDIT Apr 12, 2016] 


A special edition of the library is included in Energia for the Educational BoosterPack MKII and the Kentec 3.5" screen.

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Thats really unfortunate especially because of the work you had put into the library ... But it sounds to me also as a warning for those that develop libraries and like to share their work with others.


Thanks for the info




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So if anybody starts a new lib like this they should think about the intellectual property rights carefully !






Yes, I did mention copyright and licence, Creative Commons, Attribution, Share Alike, Non Commercial to protect my work, and implemented a donation-based system, to no avail. 


Source code is much more difficult to protect than a packaged application.


I think this is a real problem for hobbyists and makers, especially for sharing and contributing. Does anyone have a better experience?

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