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MSP430F550x based logic analyzer

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My rule for uc based measuring devices, is fast (sampling) and simple (zero parts if it is possible) realization. Result is here, under 0.1 us resolution, no extra parts, just basic MSP430F550x board, powered by USB from PC.

Logic signal is from PCM2707 3.3V USB to I2S audio bridge. By default word select frequency is 48 kHz (P1.2), and clock is 64 * 48 kHz =  3.072 MHz (P1.1).



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Nice work! Any more info about the GUI? Also, quote me when you respond, or mention @ me... so I know you replied.


10 years ago (or more) I was working on Win32 schematic editor. Didn't found graphic support that fit to my needs, so I made graphic library (based on DIB, writing directly to graphic memory) in x86 assembler. I'm still using it in combination with free pascal. For logic analyzer I used GUI from my spectrum analyzer project (PC side finished few years ago, uC side not started yet).









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Firmware is done for MSP430F5510, but it should work with any MSP430 USB device. First byte in firmware txt file is XT2 frequency (default 24 MHz, 18h), and it can be changed manually before flashing to requested XT2 value. Supported XT2 values are 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 18, 24, 25, 26.


At start, it will be checked is it everything OK with setup, and after enumeration, LED on P4.7 (5529 LP LED2) will turn on. Blinking LED is related to setup error. Device will be enumerated as CDC with name 'LA', VID 2047h and PID 099Fh.


PC side is done in Lazarus 1.4.0 (http://www.lazarus-ide.org), under Win32, but it should work also on Linux. By scroll bar on left down side can be selected port.




After port is open, right down side will be enabled, together with "Measure" button. Blinking LED is indication for data exchange (2 bytes ping pong, every second) between micro and PC.




P1 is used as logic analyzer input. Measurement is triggered by PC side, pressing "Measure" button. It also can be triggered by P2 on micro side, P2.0 with high level, and P2.1 (S1 button on 5529 LP) with low level.




Chart used for result presentation have zoom possibly. "Reset" button will zoom out to start up screen. Here is example of measured 1 MHz signal on P1.2.




Firmware: la_frm.zip

CDC Win driver: la_cdc.zip

PC source: la_source.zip

PC Win Exe:la_win_exe.zip

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