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List of MSP430 Webpages and Blogs

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Google Translate link for nexusone1984's blog (for those like me who don't read Turkish ).

Hi,   This may help a little. My old MSP430 site: http://lakeweb.net/MSP430/   Note that I have a small DOS suitable for the SD card there. I'll see about doing a version 2 in April. It needs mor

Travis Goodspeed at blogspot (some MSP430 content) and the GoodFET at SourceForge

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This pages are in czech

http://chiptron.wz.cz/launchpad-msp430.php LaunchPad + programs (timer, interrupt button, programming in the ubuntu...)

http://chiptron.wz.cz/msp430-programming-ubuntu-terminal-makefile.php programming int the ubuntu- mspgcc, mspdebug

http://chiptron.wz.cz/MSPG2553-teplota-lcd-interni-cidlo-temperature-lcd-internal-sensor-mspgcc.php - thermometer with internal sensor

http://chiptron.wz.cz/launchpad-expanded-board-2version-kit-msp430.php - development board

http://chiptron.wz.cz/msp430f2132-launchpad-programming-sbw.php - MSP430F2132 and programming with LaunchPad - Spy-bi Wire (english version)

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Please find the MSP430-related pages from my website Embedded Computing, including reviews and pins maps:


LaunchPad MSP430



And embedXcode, embedded computing on Xcode, a template for MSP430 and Stellaris based on the Energia framework.

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I noticed Henry the robot in your signature, but the URL didn't seem to work when I checked it. Spotted some YouTube videos though. (Yes, I was stalking you!) It's working now.



It was down, I had let the domain expire, but fired it up again yesterday.  No content yet but will get some out there tonight!

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