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List of MSP430 Webpages and Blogs

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Hi Everyone,

This is a thread for any MSP430 blogs or webpages you stumble upon on the web. I try to search for relevant projects and ideas to update the main blog so that it is all aggregated in one place. This makes it easier for readers and forum members to find out about them. This means more searches and more members which translates to a bigger and better community.

So if you find anything regarding the MSP430 and anything that can be done on the platform, however small, comment here. I'll update the topmost post with the latest information. Even if its your own blog with new updates, I'll be glad to put it up here.

----The List----
[1]43oh.com Member Blogs

Gatesphere's blog / Resources
NJC's blog
beretta's blog
jsolarski's blog
GeekDoc's blog
Joby Taffey's blog / Resources
[2] Travis Goodspeed at blogspot (some MSP430 content) and the GoodFET at SourceForge
[3] MSP430 Samples.
[4] SimpleAvr's Blog
[5] TI's Learning Community Resource Page. - This is a goldmine.
[6] Robotics Hobbizine - Launchpad Specific + Other pages
[7] PhirePhly's blog
[8] GeoNomad's blog
[9] fatihinanc's blog
[10] Longhorn Engineer's blog
[11] Markoez's blog
[12] Greeeg's blog
[13] Lakeweb's blog
[14] Nytblade's blog
[15] Lar's blog.

[16] wasson65's blog.

[17] Fred's blog.

[18] Antscran's blog.

[19] Dylek's blog.

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Google Translate link for nexusone1984's blog (for those like me who don't read Turkish ).

Hi,   This may help a little. My old MSP430 site: http://lakeweb.net/MSP430/   Note that I have a small DOS suitable for the SD card there. I'll see about doing a version 2 in April. It needs mor

Travis Goodspeed at blogspot (some MSP430 content) and the GoodFET at SourceForge

Yeah, their sample program is insanely great for the hobbyist. They'll send you $50 worth of samples without even batting an eye. I even wrote a blog post to advertise how great it is.


I wrote another company asking for a couple samples of their switches and a sales rep called me and basically gave me the verbal stink-eye. I guess when you're TI, a few samples are a much more insignificant cost than when you're a smaller company with slimmer margins and less gross sales.



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