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Servo Control With Msp430 g2553

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Hi all,

I am trying to control a common rc servo with launchpad. I am using timer for pwm signals. But my code doesn't work. I am stuck. Basic codes from ti tutorials don't work either.

My servo is : SM-s3317s

I power it with arduino uno (5V and GND) also connect the control wire to launchpad (p1.2) . I checked the servo with arduino, it doesnt have any problem. 

I tried to adjust pwm period to 20 ms and also tried to  have high pulses between duration of 1ms-2ms as it is seen in the code.

my mcu is : g2553

Here is my code :

#include <msp430g2553.h>
#define SERVO_BIT BIT2
#define SM_clk 1100000
#define servo_freq 50
int i;
void init()
int PWM_period = SM_clk /servo_freq;
P1DIR |= SERVO_BIT; //direction is set
P1SEL |= SERVO_BIT;// port 1 function is set. 
TA0CCR0 = PWM_period-1; // pwm period
TA0CCR1 = 0; //duty cycle = TA0CCR0/ TA0CCR1
int main(void) {
WDTCTL = WDTPW | WDTHOLD; // Stop watchdog timer
TA0CTL=TASSEL_2+MC_1; // starting timer by setting clock source SMCLK of timer and UP mode
TA0CCR1 = 1100;
TA0CCR1 = 1300;
TA0CCR1 = 1500;
TA0CCR1 = 1800;
TA0CCR1 = 2200;
return 0;

Does anyone have any suggestions??Is there something i did wrong??

Thanks for your time and answers!!



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