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4x4x4 LED cube, using 3 pins of MSP430 launchpad

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This is my 4x4x4 led cube project, done with MSP430, using only 3 pins of MSP, the circuit diagram is shown in the photos, the hardware consists of 3 shift registers, 74595, and 4 NPN transistors...







you can learn how to make a 4x4x4 LED cube by instructables or youtube or some other sites, its easy to make...
but make sure that you make exact same connections as shown in the cicuit diagrams... or else this code won't work in the new hardware...



the hardware can be built as shown in the circuit diagram...

the code is given below, you can changes it and make your own animation with it....



this is what i have done with the cube...




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  if you are familier with the circuitry, than dont make a mistake that i made...

the connections of the LEDS in a floor are like :-


look at the sequence carefully....[its bit number is on the place of leds, (after '08',   '09' is the 1st bit of the 2nd shift register)]


01   02   03   04

08   07   06   05

09   10   11   12

16   15   14   13


you must build a design with connections like this :-


01   02   03   04

05   06   07   08

09   10   11   12

13   14   15   16


although my code will not work on this hardware, but if you can develop a code [it will not be hard to modify mine] to use this sequence then you will have more flexitbity on the code as you could use the leds as they are on 3d, XYZ-axis... :)


i hope you enjoy well as i did :)

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Hi !

I have some questions about 4x4x4 LED cube with msp430 !

What's your msp 430 model??

I want to make the same LED cube but mine is msp430 g2553.

Is the same one?

If it's a different model then what should i have to do ?

I want to make a same LED cube with my lunchpad

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