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Motorised Slider.

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Not 100% a MSP430 project but it is used as the stepper and camera trigger control.


It is based on a cheap china made (no offense) slider, seem like a IGUS clone, quality wasn't too good but ok as a time lapse rail.




Control was achieve thru a MSP430 Launchpad, a BT booster pack, home switch and trigger / stepper board (with easy driver) I made years ago.post-1099-0-38470700-1367932365_thumb.jpg


Other parts includes , a NEMA 17 stepper, common skate board bearing for idler, and 2GT belt, mountings are 3D printed, will make aluminium parts when I have some free time.










stl for prints can be found here.




video shot with this prototype slider can be found on youtube.





Code and schematics to follow (once I have a good working version)


Cheers and have fun.


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Love it! What are you making?

It is a prototype of a motorised slider I wanted to make for a long time. this is the first prototype, hope to get better parts a beefier slider that can hold at least a DLSR. the video is the product of using this slider, it is printing a MAKERBOLT thing.. haha. just a 3D printed nut and bolt.

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