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mpyEditor v1.0 released

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Hi everyone

mpyEditor v1.0 is released.

In this release there are several new commands
   lcd_print, map, limit, interrupt_setup, wait_cycles, global

Other changes: Installer updated. Driver changed from
libusb to use the tilib driver. The mpyEditor now Auto-detects the
msp430 chip. Improved code optimization.

The LCD commands are for the Hitachi
HD44780 or compatible chipset 16x2 LCD displays.

The new interrupt functions support pin interrupts and timer interrupts.

There are pulse commands using the msp430 timers, for
creating PWM signals and speaker output.

Goto the download page at www.mpyprojects.com and give it a try.

Don't forget to let us know how you get on, all feedback welcome!



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Hi, have installet the ide on W8 with no problems, and the first blinky program is running.

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