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QUICK! I need some filler ideas for a DigiKey order!

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I have some parts I need from DigiKey (replacement terminals for an edge connector on an arcade machine), but they just come to about $5.  Minimum shipping (1lb) is $10. 


What general purpose filler items do you add to your orders?  I have SMD and TH resistors, caps, and LEDs.  I have SMD USB jacks and TH tactile switches (maybe order SMD?).


I'll be ordering Friday (03 May 13).  Thanks for any suggestions.

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Memory chips, W25Q80BVSNIG-ND, W25Q80BVDAIG-ND, etc.

ST dev kits, like STM8S, STM8L, and STM32 discovery.

Memory chips... maybe. I have all the ST kits I need ATM.


but do you have ALL the resistors and caps in ALL the package sizes?  


How about flux pens and solder paste?  Tip tinner?  Solder braid?  That seems to be the stuff I always run out of at the worst time.

I have the "book" resistor/cap kits in 0805 and 0604 and an assortment of SMD electrolytics.  Might look at solder paste...


Thanks, guys!  Still taking suggestions!

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The ST dev kits always get me for minimum order fillers. I think I've got at least one of each (apart from the L1 that they just emailed me about). The M24LR Discovery is interesting if you want to pay around with NFC - it's kit for an EEPROM that can be accessed via NFC or I2C.  Perhaps a little bit over filler price though.

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Is there a minimum at digikey? I order $5 orders.. and it ships USPS first class for $2 and change.

I was just using the estimator, and they didn't list anything under $10. I think I'll try it and see what happens.


I went ahead and ordered just the connectors I needed. Sucks that they don't even tell you the shipping when your order is complete!

Thanks for everyone's help.
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