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I think we can fab a rectangle PCB just for this.Pic servo for thrust.


A PCB might be too heavy.


Plugging 6x3cm surface area, 1mm air gap and 6g weight into an online hovercraft calculator says we need about 35 Pa air pressure.



That number grows linearly with weight. However required pressure decreases with more surface area.


Assuming static pressure is the relevant spec:

  • The mightiest MightyMini fan UB5U3-500 at 30x30mm and 2.5g delivers 88.2 Pa.
  • The 8x8mm fan in the original post only delivers a paltry 3 Pa at a weights of 0.45g.
  • In-between models like the 17x17mm, 0.91g, 40 Pa blower UB3H3-700 look more promising.
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