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Via Reddit.



Sunon Fans
Mighty Mini fans and blowers allow product designers to meet the limited space requirements for heat dissipation or compulsive air convection designs. It offers the smallest (8mm), the thinnest (3mm) and the lowest energy consuming innovative design. Mighty Mini fans possess the advantages of exceptionally low noise and lowest power consumption. The patented sub centimeter breakthrough technology of these products is a unique innovation with their mature thermal technology having passed numerous reliability certifications.


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... compulsive air convection designs....

Need anyone say more? ;-)


I don't get it  :!!!:


Looking back, I don't get it either.


I was alluding to the idea that designing something needing an 8mm fan is compulsive behavior, I think.

I mean, can it really move more air and cool better than a passive heat sink of similar size?

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Hmm, 17000 RPM.. makes me wonder what noise they make


I was thinking it might be just the thing to make  that mosquito simulator (the annoying whine drilling into your ears when trying to sleep.)


Looked it up and turns out mosquitos are much lower pitched.


This fan is a bit higher than the annoying whine that CRT TVs make (flyback transformer, a bit over 15kHz).


While the dB(A) may not be all very high, I wonder what the dB(annoyance) is for this thing.

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