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Yet another music box simulator

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Hi guys, I wanted to share this project I made for my step sister last christmas.


After seeing some other music box project on hack a day, I found it would make a nice gift. I started experimenting on arduino and launchpad/g2553 using wavetable software synthesis.

It looks like I suck at optimizing c code on microcontrollers, I had to decrease the output sample rate to 6250Hz on the arduino for 6 channels and down to 7812Hz on the launchpad and use fixed point numbers with 4 bits after the point, sound was not good enough to my taste.

(here are the CCS sources if someone wants to play with them: yamb-launchpad.zip)


Here's a picture of the finished project, the final board uses an MSP430g2452 and an Atmel AT25DF32 SPI flash memory that holds the 8bits unsigned samples played by the CPU at 31250Hz using a 62500Hz pwm.
Everything's hidden in the side of a homemade wooden box. Mains voltage is held off by the switch unless the top of the box is open.



And here's the sound used, it was generated on my pc by a console floating point version of the wavetable synthesis software.



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Nah, I'll ask my step sister to do it or pay her a visit. I finished it in a rush, almost ripped my left thumb while finishing the woodworking (always use clamps and beware of kickback when using a biscuit joiner guys) and finished screwing the hinges for the top just minutes before giving the gift.

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