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Anyone going to Design West 2013?

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No, I didn't get to go :-(

but there should be a lot of coverage on Twitter. 

Adrian is there though, so is Trey German and they will be taking lots of photos. 

I just saw you did get to hang with CircuitCo though!  Can you post some of the pics in our beaglebone thread http://forum.43oh.com/topic/3743-new-45-beaglebone/#entry33820 ?  (Can you tell I'm drooling at it btw?  LOL)

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Hi folks! I'm at design west. I'll snap some shots and upload them tonight. In the mean time, check out TIs YouTube channel where we'll be uploading videos throughout the event.


In a nutshell, the BeagleBone black is creating a lot of excitement at the show! Also there are a lot of folks stopping by the TI booth talking about how Energia has helped them in their development! One of our BoosterPack design challenge winners used Energia to create his LED matrix BoosterPack, and the ease of use that Energia provides helped him get his project submission completed in the compressed 5 week window for the design contest.


Our friends CircuitCo had a booth, as well as Newnes, which is the publisher of the LaunchPad book.


Some cool demos we had at the TI booth include:

- sneak peak at a new TI BoosterPack, which is a capacitive touch + Haptics video game controller reminiscent of the old school Nintendo controllers. We had it hooked up to a PC playing classic video games

- BeagleBone black was there as well as a few demos including a mustache cam, which uses open CV's face detection library to superimpose a big mustache on top of people's faces thanks to a PS3 eye cam.

- LED coffee table driven by the msp430 g2 launchpad that was synced to music

- basketball that has integrated sensors and our BLE modules to send back diagnostic data to a tablet

- the Tiva C group also unveiled their sensor hub BoosterPack, which offers a bunch of sensors (magnetometer, accelerometer, gyroscope, etc...), connector for wireless modules, and unique algorithms for detecting motion.




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