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(Hopefully) Simple i2c/Wire Library Question

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I noticed the Energia i2c Library doesn't support sending multiple bytes through Wire.write().


Additionally, when the master requests 2 bytes, using Wire.write() twice on the slave will only send one byte...


Is this due to a technical limitation of the MSP430-line device?  Is there a good work around?



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Alright, in case anyone is wondering, yes, these are the kinds of questions when I get both a little tired and pretty frustrated.


I dug through the twi.c & wire.cpp files to of course find the both Wire.write(data) and Wire.write(data, length) functions.  For whatever reason, the compiler didn't like what I was sending to it in the Wire.length(data, length) function when I originally asked the question.  I played around with it, and, truth be told I'm not entirely sure what I did differently, but, I was able to compile a sketch.

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