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Found this at a goodwill.  I was checking out and the lady in front of me was returning it because the screen was broken.  I asked the cashier what they were going to do with it and when she said they were going to pitch it, I offered her $5.


I figured I might be able to scrounge a camera and possibly an LCD off it, but a few screws and two solder connections later I was greeted by a linux shell.


I then contacted the company, sent them a picture of the broken screen and they sent to a brand new warranty replacement.


The card slot is wired for NAND, SD and uart, so I should be able to build custom cards to do some pretty interesting things....if I ever find the time.

That is freaking awesome! I used to get some of the best stuff (robots and computers mostly) at thrift stores, but lately they have raised prices to dang near retail! So I hardly ever go anymore :-(


And it's forbidden to remove anything from our local dump, so I feel like that Indian in that old commercial every time I see the useful "junk" (to me anyway) that gets thrown away for ever because of bureaucracy...

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