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ds1394 RTC + led driver tm1638

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This is my project Real Time Clock. The project used RTC module ds1394, temperature sensor ds18b20 and driver 7-segment display tm1638. msp430g2553 MCU integrates devices with two hardware ports SPI (USART1, USART2).

Clock Functions:

- Showing the time, date, day of the week;
- Set the alarm;
- Shows the temperature of the sensor ds18b20;
- Control the brightness of the indicator.




Russian description
Source code




My project site


Project includes:
- DS1394 msp430 launchpad interface
- ds18b20 maxim + msp430 launchpad
- Library for TM1638 to MSP430



PS: my son was born! Now I do not know whether the time to continue the projects. I hope that I can find the time to do a good description of the projects.


PPS: Sorry for my english...

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